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Calstrat Law Group Client Testimonials

Extraordinary service for extraordinary clients.

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

At long last, my case has finally come to an end. It was a long journey that began with a terrible auto accident and continued with a lengthy period of medical treatment and thousands lost. In the end, when the case finally settled, I was extremely pleased with the outcome; truly elated with the results and it was solely due to the brilliant work of both Dr. Colin MacKay and Tony Rafati that led to this conclusion. In summary, these guys are beyond excellent; true professionals that will stop at nothing in order to guarantee the outcome their clients’ desire. They are superior attorneys and they represent the best the California bar has produced. These guys are superb! This is the first time I’ve needed an attorney to represent me in an auto accident, and WOW! I made the right choice! I highly encourage you to call these guys. They are extremely patient, very responsive and sincerely professional. I would not want to be an attorney sitting on the opposite side of these guys; Tony and Colin are very good at their chosen profession and they are tough! As their client, you are in extraordinarily good hands. If you have a personal injury case, then look no further. Here are your attorneys: Dr. Colin MacKay and Tony Rafati. I highly recommend this law firm for their professionalism, integrity, honesty and their diligent representation, and I was more than pleased with the final outcome, AND YOU WILL BE TOO!!!!

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Yelp Review – 4/04/2021

Michael G.

Santa Clarita, CA

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Best attorney I have ever worked with. Tony worked with my medical providers to make my situation as simple as possible for me. During an accident, the last thing you want is the hassle of dealing with medical expenses and insurance adjusters calling you everyday.

Top notch customer service! Highly recommended!!

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Yelp Review – 3/29/2021

Joshua T.

San Diego, CA

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Though I cannot discuss the details of my case, I can say that Tony Rafati is an top notch attorney. He was professional, thorough, and maintained continual contact with me as the case developed. I never felt uninformed, or confused about what was happening with my case. I would recommend Tony Rafati to anyone in need of legal services. I know I will be using him for any future legal proceedings.Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Yelp Review – 2/11/2021

Christopher W.

Los Angeles, CA

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

I Highly Recommend Tony Rafati and the team at Calstrat! This is who I count on for my legal issues whether it’s contracts/agreements or trademarks or just simply something that I’m dealing with… I always know that I can count on Tony and his team. They always deliver and are on time when I need them to get it done. Also, a big thing is that they are transparent on their fees. A lot of attorney’s are not. They are. Choose wisely!Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Yelp Review – 2/4/2021

Bryan D.

Sarasota, FL.

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

If you need an attorney I would like you to consider Calstrat Law i call different attorneys and nobody wanted to take case, Calstrat took my case and handle it in a professional way they called me back got my settlement faster than I expected really good and professional attorneys thanks.Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Yelp Review – 12/18/2020

Israel R.

San Diego, CA

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

This law firm is AMAZING!!! Dr. Mackay took care of everything after my car accident, and he made the whole process completely stress free for me. I highly recommend this awesome law firm! 🙂Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Yelp Review – 11/2/2020

Beth K.

La Mesa, CA

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Dr. Colin and Tony were a dream to work with. They handled everything with excellence! They are professional but also very personable and understanding. They will listen and make sure you are taken care of! Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Yelp Review – 7/28/2020

Abby N.

West Monroe, LA

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

I was referred to Colin at Calstrat Law Group from a friend who has worked with him in the past. This was actually the first time I have ever needed representation from an attorney. Colin was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I know that in the future should I ever need representation again Colin will my first and only call. I highly recommend Calstrat Law Group! Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Yelp Review – 7/15/2020

Casey M.

Santa Clarita, CA

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

Got into a car accident last year. Lawyer was Colin. They made the process easy. Satisfied with the results but communication at times could have been better. I would definitely use their company Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials again. Thanks Colin.

Yelp Review – 6/30/2020

Pamela D.

Los Angeles, CA

Calstrat Law Group - Testimonials

I had been in an auto accident where another person had totaled my car. There were a few things I had to take care of, but Calstrat took care of the rest. Being my first accident where I needed a lawyer involved, I don’t even want to imagine what it would have been like if they hadn’t helped. They were easy to contact, and I got more than I thought I would in the end. Phenomenal group Calstrat Law Group - Testimonialsto work with; Colin and Tony were amazing.

Yelp Review – 5/23/2020

John F.

San Diego, CA

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Calstrat Law Group Mission Statement

Client focused. Results driven.

Calstrat Law Group - Mission Statement

Calstrat Law Group is a boutique law firm comprised of experienced attorneys who are knowledgeable, accessible and efficient. The attorneys at Calstrat Law Group strive to achieve favorable results in every case and takes pride in providing client experience that exceeds all expectations.

Calstrat Law Group Attorneys

Calstrat Law Group Attorneys are now serving all of San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties.

Attorney Tony Rafati

Tony Rafati

Managing Attorney
Attorney Dr Colin Mackay - Calstrat Law Group

Dr. Colin Mackay

Managing Attorney




Calstrat Law Group Areas of Practice

Our San Diego based attorneys will represent you in a variety of areas including Personal Injury Law, Employment Law, and Business Law.

Personal Injury

We have the experience, resources and skills needed to take on construction companies, manufacturers, hospitals or individuals, large or small, whose negligence caused your injuries. Let our experience work for you. We can help. It costs you nothing to have your questions answered and to learn your legal rights.

Employment Law

Attorneys at Calstrat Law Group understand how isolating it can feel to endure harassment in the workplace. Many people find that their job gives them a sense of pride, stability, and community. So when you are mistreated at work, you suffer not only financially but emotionally as well. 

Business Law

Calstrat Law Group provides an extensive range of transactional law. The firm strives to accurately and thoroughly prepare the underlying documentation while keeping in mind the larger context, such as contract compliance and regulatory enforcement, resorting to litigation when necessary.


  • Auto Accident
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Wrongful Death
  • Brain Injury
  • Burn Injury
  • Dog Bites
  • Slip & Fall
  • Product Liability


  • Work Place Discrimination
  • Harassment & Retaliation
  • Family & Medical Leave
  • Wage & Hour Violations
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Employment Agreements
  • Employment Arbitrations
  • Class Action Litigation


  • Business Litigation
  • Contracts
  • Breach of Contract
  • Corporation Formations
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Business Purchase & Sale
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Bankruptcy

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