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Attorney Dr Colin Mackay - Calstrat Law Group

Dr. Colin Mackay

Managing Attorney

Practice Areas: Personal Injury

Phone: (760) 429-7611 x 102


Dr. Colin Mackay was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, before moving to California in 1998. He earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College. Prior to earning his Chiropractic degree, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Mackay currently holds a Juris Doctorate from Thomas Jefferson Law School and is a licensed attorney in California.


Whether it has been in the healing arts of chiropractic or in law, Dr. Mackay stays true to the core values he learned in through his modest upbringing in Canada. Dr. Mackay continues to treat his clients fairly and justly, truly achieving the best for each and every client he takes care of. The best part is that Dr. Mackay continues to be able to care for his clients in the same way he did as a chiropractor. Dr. Mackay takes his role as an attorney very seriously, realizing that getting his clients back on the road to recovery is the most important task placed before him. When a client is involved in a car accident, a sports injury or an injury while on the job, who better to represent you against a third party than a lawyer who is also a licensed chiropractor. What Dr. Mackay does on behalf of his clients impacts their life and long-term health significantly. This is a huge responsibility, but this is easy for Dr. Mackay and he is up for the task.


Dr. Mackay has been a licensed chiropractor for the past 16 years in San Diego California, clinically trained in chiropractic and in Rehabilitation. He is a certified Qualified Medical Examiner with extensive medico-legal training. He has obtained his certification at the University and the Center for Research into Automotive Safety and Health (CRASH), covering principles of mathematics, physics, biomechanics, occupant kinematics, and automobile accident reconstruction. It was during his medical career providing expert medical testimony and during doctor depositions that he realized he could do a lot more helping and caring for patients by obtaining a law degree, so he went to law school. Dr. Mackay learned as a medical expert in the field of chiropractic that personal injuries are more about the injuries rather than the law. Having both dual degree, as well as having the hands-on experience in both diagnosing and treating injuries or disease equips him better when dealing with the insurance companies. Dr. Mackay is a very effective personal injury attorney because he understands his client’s injuries.


Dr. Mackay’s hobbies and interests include actively playing hockey and golf as well as coaching multiple sports for his three children. He is married to his lovely wife Dr. Sarah Mackay, and is actively involved in his community.


Dr. Mackay is looking forward to representing his clients with the same professionalism and care that he demonstrated as a chiropractor.​


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